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Rapid Thermal Processing

Two fully automatic rapid thermal processoring (RTP) systems are available for CMOS processes:

• Mattson Helios double chamber system for 300 mm wafers.
• Mattson AST 2000 single chamber system for 200 mm wafers.

Rapid thermal oxidation for gate oxide growth, dopant activation including spike annealing, thermal treatment of high-k/metal stacks and silicidation are typical processes.

Samples with small size can be processed using special adapters.

 AST 2000Helios
Wafer size200 mm300 mm
Temperature range400°C-1100°C600°C-1200°C
MaterialsPure Si (Ge)Si(Ge), HfO2, TiN, LaLuO3, NixSiy, NixSiyGez
Gases:N2, Ar,N2, O2, Ar, H2
ProcessesAnnealingOxidation, Silicidation, Annealing


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