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SiGe-CVD Epitaxy

Our epitaxy facility consists of two AIXTRON Tricent® CVD modules integrated in an AIXTRON Tricent® cluster with a Brooks wafer handler for 200 mm and 300 mm wafers. The reactors are specifically developed for advanced epitaxial applications in a production environment.

·        One CVD reactor is dedicated to low temperature epitaxy of SiGe, SiGeSn, GeSn, pure Ge or strained Ge systems.

·      The second reactor is used for more conventional epitaxy processes for CMOS devices like Si, SiGe or selective Si(Ge) for raised S/D region required for our strain platform activities. The growth of more complex systems like SiGe (Ge) core-shall nanowire structures is also targeted.

In addition to standard gas precursors, bubbler precursor sources can be used, which allow the screening of new precursors for specific applications.