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Oxy-Molecular Beam Epitaxy

In an ultrahigh vacuum apparatus molecular beams are used to deposit thin films in oxygen - O2 and/or O3 - atmosphere. The deposition chamber is equipped with 2 electron beam evaporators and 4 effusion cells. In the actual set-up co-deposition of Si, Lu, Al, La, and Sc can be performed or the GdScO3 using an e-gun evaporator can be grown on 100 mm wafers at temperatures up to 1200 °C. Wafer cleanness and epitaxial film growth can be controlled and observed by means of RHEED pattern analysis. Our scope is the development of thin high-k insulator films on semiconductors to be applied in advanced MOS devices. This was achieved for LaLuO3, LaScO3 and GdScO3. Further information see High-k dielectrics

Oxy-MBE-laboratoryThe OxyMBE lab

Electron-beam evaporator for oxy-MBEE-beam evaporators and effusion cells