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Pulsed Laser Deposition

Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) is an extremely versatile process to deposit thin films of complex composition. Our two excimer lasers together with four process chambers are used to grow amorphous, polycrystalline or epitaxial single crystalline films of oxides - especially thin film ferroelectrics or insulating oxides for field effect transistors or thin superconducting films, as YBa2Cu3O7. The powerful ultraviolet lasers are focussed onto the stoichometric targets and rapidly remove material from the target surface. It forms a plasma, which condenses onto heated substrates and permits epitaxial growth of thin film on these substrates. Growth rates exceed nanometers per second and a film thickness of 1 µm is routinely accomplished. The PLD process can be conducted under the admission of gases, as oxygen, nitrogen or others.


Different oxidesScandates as alternative gate dielectrics
Al2O3Binary oxides
TbMnO3conducting oxides
chalcogenide glassesYBa2Cu3O7-x

Epitaxial heterostructures (papers)

Luysberg, M.; Heidelmann, M.; Houben, L.; Boese, M.; Heeg, T.; Roeckerath, M.; Schubert, J.
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Jia, C.L., Mi, S.B., Faley, M.; Poppe, U.; Schubert, J. ; Urban, K.
Oxygen octahedron reconstruction in the SrTiO3/LaAlO3 heterointerfaces investigated using aberration-corrected ultrahigh-resolution transmission electron microscopy
Physical Review B 79,(2009) 081405(R)

Cooperation with other groups in different research fields

Mairoser, T.; Mundy, J.A.; Melville, A.; Hodash, D.; Cueva, P.; Held, R.; Glavic, A.; Schubert, J.; Muller, D.A.; Schlom, D.G.; Schmehl, A.
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Nature Communications (2015), DOI: 10.1038/ncomms8716

Warusawithana, M.P.; Richter, C.; Mundy, J.A.; Roy, P.; Ludwig, J.; Paetel, S.; Heeg, T.; Pawlicki, A.A.; Kourkoutis, L.F.; Zheng, M.; Lee, M.; Mulcahy, B.; Zander, W.; Zhu, Y.; Schubert, J.; Eckstein, J.N.; Muller, D.A.; Hellberg, C.S.; Mannhart, J.; Schlom, D.G.
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Schöning, M.J.; Tsarouchas, D.; Beckers, L.; Zander, W.; Schubert, J.; Kordos, P.; Lüth, H.
A highly long-term stable silicon-based pH sensor fabricated by pulsed laser deposition technique
Sensors and Actuators B 35, 228-233 (1996)

Cooperations partners

Prof. D.G. Schlom, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA
Prof. J. Mannhart, MPI Stuttgart
Dr. T. Schroeder, IHP Frankfurt/Oder
Dr. P. Kuzel, University of Prague, Czech
Dr. V.V. Afanasiev, Leuven University, Belgium
Prof. M. Fardmanesh, Sharif University, Teheran, Iran
Prof. M. Schöning, TU Aachen
Prof. L. Jushkin, RWTH Aachen
Prof. J. Heitmann, TU Freiberg
Dr. U. Schröder, Namlab Dresden
Dr. U. Böttger, RWTH Aachen
Prof. M. Eizenberg, Technion Haifa, Israel