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Peter Grünberg Institute

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Innovative solutions for high performance IT

We deal with solutions for low energy consuming (opto)electronics, fast communication, highly secure systems and environmentally friendly production technologies. We optimize and create suitable semiconductor materials, device structures and innovative device concepts/layouts with them, and exploit novel physical phenomena and techniques and thereby contribute to progress in future optical communication, data storage and advances in nanotechnology.
The results of this fundamental, device oriented research is transferred to the two JARA institutes JARA Green-IT and JARA-QI to support their ongoing efforts to use novel computing architectures based on brain inspired and quantum phenomena, respectively, to solve complex tasks and big data requirements of the information society. More: Innovative solutions for high performance IT …

Nanowire Josephson Junction

Exploring Quantum Systems on the Nanoscale

The functionality of almost every electronic or optoelectronic device used today is based on quantum mechanical principles. However, some of the very unique properties of quantum mechanics such as superposition, i.e. objects are in different states at the same time, or entanglement of two quantum mechanical states are not used in mainstream technology, yet. The emerging technology of quantum computing and quantum communication particularly makes use of these phenomena and by that offers novel approaches in solve problems which are literally unsolvable by classical computers or ensuring inherently secure data transmission. All these concepts rely on nanostructured devices and often also on novel materials. More: Exploring Quantum Systems on the Nanoscale …