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Shanghai Quantum Workshop SIMIT


It's about one hour by taking taxi from airport to SIMIT.

It is also convenient to take maglev train to Longyang road station (20 minutes),and then transfer to subway line 2 to Zhongshan Park station. It's about 11 stops (East xujin direction). Then go out at exit 5 of Zhongshan Park Station, the institute is just on the left side of exit 5, about 10 meters away.
If you stay at Penta Hotel, it is also fine to go out at exit 5, the hotel is on the right side of exit 5, about 50 meters away.

You can also take subway line 2 from airport to Zhongshan park. but it costs more time. It is suggested to take maglev train first.

Information Subway line 2 (external link)

Information Maglev (external link)