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ALD for alternative gate dielectrics

The high-k ALD reactor is equipped with a 300mm ceramic susceptor. It is possible to deposit different high k materials. Some precursors evaporate after liquid injection in the TriJet®. The amount of precursor is defined by the frequencies and the opening time of the injectors as well as the concentration of the precursor solution. Different precursors are installed in the bubbler mode. The carrier gas (Ar) bubbles through the material and transports the saturated gas phase in to the reactor. The pressure in the bubbler, the flow and the Temperature is controlling the concentration. There are precursors installed for Hf, Al, Lu, La. Therefore following materials can be theoretically deposited in the high-k ALD reactor, but new high k materials are in development:

Source materials: Al, Hf, La, Lu, O

Process available: HfO2, Al2O3, HfyAl(1-y)Ox, LayLu(1-y)O3, HfyLu(1-y)Ox

Sample size: 20*20mm, wafers: 100mm, 200mm, 300mm