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The Tandetron provides a maximal terminal voltage of 1.7 MV. Due to the tandem principle of operation, hydrogen ions can be as energetic as 3.4 MeV, He++ ions up to 5.1 MeV. This permits ion implantation into depths exceeding 1 µm. The Tandetron is operated on a daily basis for Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry and ion Channeling (RBS/C). Tandetron

RBS/C provides information on the chemical composition of thin films as well as doping profiles, interdiffusion, lattice defects and lattice distortion. The Tandetron is also equipped to perform direct ion implantation of a wide range of elements.


Tandetron GoniometerTandetron Goniometer

Tandetron users can sign up for beamtime here. A short introduction into the online signup calendar is available in english and german.