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Every year, international scientific conferences and seminars are held at the Peter Grünberg Institute. Our research is also presented at many different external events around the world.

Coming up events and dates

03 May 2021 - 07 May 2021 14th European Conference on Surface Crystallography and Dynamics - ECSCD-14

Previous events and dates

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03 May 2019 PGI Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Stéphane Mangin, Institut Jean Lamour, CNRS/University of Lorraine, Nancy, France  
26 Apr 2019 PGI Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Stephan Förster, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Jülich, Germany  
17 Apr 2019 PGI-1 Talk: Prof. Dr. Jan Minar
10 Apr 2019 PGI-1 Talk: Libor Smejkal
18 Mar 2019 - 22 Mar 2019 14. JARA-FIT Lab Course Nanoelectronics
14 Mar 2019 Seminar: Dr. Markus Müller, Swansea University, UK
11 Mar 2019 - 22 Mar 2019 50th IFF Spring School - Scattering! Soft, Functional and Quantum Materials
20 Feb 2019 PGI-1 Talk: Dr. Stefan Rex
13 Feb 2019 Qubit Seminar: Dr. Roman Riwar
01 Feb 2019 PGI Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Tomas Jungwirth, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic & University of Nottingham, UK