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In-house X-Ray facilities

A series of instruments for the characterisation of samples using diffraction measurements are available in-house.

  • Bruker AXS reflectometer is equipped with two Goebel mirrors before and after the sample allows for the fast characterization of thin film samples.
    Powder samples can be characterized in transmission geometry with a Huber Imaging Plate Guinier Camera G670 equipped with CuKα- or MoKα-radiation. The accessible temperature range reaches from 10 to 300 K using a closed-cycle cryostat and from 673 to 1773 K using a laser heating module.
  • 4-circle Huber single crystal diffractometer with an Eulerian cradle operates at a standard CuKα source in combination with Goebel mirrors. An analyser crystal mounted before the scintillation counter warrants the measurement of highly resolved data. In addition, the beampath can be evacuated, so that an optimal peak-to-background ratio is achieved. The instrument is thus optimized for high resolution reciprocal space mapping, in particular on thin sections. A closed cycle He-cryostat (Advanced Research Systems) permits investigations in the temperature range from 300 K to 6.5 K.
  • Supernova single crystal diffractometer from Agilent Technologies is equipped with switchable CuKα and MoKα microfocus sources and a CCD area detector for efficient data collection. It is mainly used for the measurement of diffraction intensities of single crystal samples for structure determination. A N2 cryostat and a Helijet from Oxford Instruments allow temperature dependent studies in the range from 490-90K and 90-10K, respectively.
  • MWL120 Laue camera equipped with a multiwire detector and a tungsten X-ray tube. The camera is used for the analysis and orientation of single crystals in back reflection. By the use of motorized goniometers the orientation process can be observed in real time.

Contact: Karen Friese, Ulrich Rücker