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European Spallation Source (ESS)

The world's most powerful neutron source is currently built in Lund and Jülich will be part of it. JCNS aims to deliver first-class instruments and components and to contribute with its competence and decades of experience in neutron science and methodology to make the ESS a success.

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High Brilliance Neutron Source

The high brilliance accelerator-based neutron source HBS represents a unique infrastructure for neutron analysis (imaging methods and scattering) to be used in a multitude of scientific disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, geology, materials and engineering science.

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Robotik in der Neutronenstreuung

Instrument Technology

The Instrument technology department develops new solutions for the automation of neutron scattering instruments and supports the instrument teams during construction and operation.

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Reaktor FRM II

JCNS Outstations

JCNS operates neutron instruments at the sources MLZ, ILL and SNS under the motto the best instrument at the best sources.

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Neutron SimLab

The Neutron SimLab provides support to the users of the JCNS instruments for neutron scattering data analysis, notably through the development of materials-specific mathematical models and numerical methods.

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JCNS Science Office - © Andersen Ross -

Science Office

The Science Office supports the directors in their tasks like in the preparation of strategic decisions as well as in networking and public relations work. Together with the administration the Science Office manages the EU third-party projects.

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User Office

The Jülich Centre for Neutron Science JCNS offers access to dedicated neutron scattering instruments for users. Users can apply twice a year for beam time at instruments at MLZ, ILL and SNS.

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