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Teaching at RWTH Aachen

Here you find an overview of our classes offered at RWTH Aachen. More: Teaching at RWTH Aachen …



NEST is a simulator for spiking neural network models that focus on the dynamics, size and structure of neural systems rather than on the exact morphology of individual neurons. More: NEST …

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The need for reproducible research has become a topic of intense discussion in the neurosciences. Reproducibility is based on building workflows and traceable analysis steps. A key component of such a workflow is the availability of well-tested analysis methods for data processing. More: Elephant …

Analysis of parallel spike trains

Analysis of parallel spike trains

The brain is composed of billions of neurons, the elementary units of neuronal information processing. The neocortex, which is critical to most higher brain functions, is a highly complex network of neurons each of which receives signals from thousands of other neurons and projects its own spikes to thousands of other neurons. More: Analysis of parallel spike trains …



In a joint activity with INCF and Radboud University, we a supporting to sustain the data base developed by Rolf Kötter. CoCoMac (Collations of Connectivity data on the Macaque brain) is an approach to produce a systematic record of the known wiring of the primate brain. More: CoCoMac …