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Silicon heterojunction solar cells and modules

The silicon heterojunction solar cell (SHJ) represents a new generation of silicon wafer solar cells with which high levels of efficiency can be achieved. The IEK-5 deals with material, process, cell, module and system development for the SHJ solar cell and its applications, which covers the entire value chain of SHJ technology. Cell technology ranges from the wet chemical pretreatment of crystalline silicon wafers to the deposition of functional thin layers using various deposition processes to the final thermal treatment after deposition. The focus of process development is on the development of cost-effective processes for the production of industrial SHJ solar cells on large-scale systems. Material development focuses on the production and characterization of silicon alloys and their implementation in SHJ solar cells. Module development specializes in lightweight and flexible SHJ modules for special applications such as vehicle-integrated photovoltaics. System research deals with life cycle assessment and cost analyzes for SHJ based PV systems such as the integration of SHJ modules in road traffic. Further fields of work are the development of perovskite silicon tandem solar cells, SHJ solar cells in the back-contacted configuration (Interdigitated Back-Contacted: IBC), the 3D optical-electrical Simulation of SHJ solar cells, and the production and characterization of passivated SiO2 / poly-Si Contacts.

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Dr. Kaining Ding
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