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Research Area 1 - Solid anionic electrolytes

Research area 1 is mainly focused on oxygen ion conductors for application as electrolytes in a rechargeable oxygen battery (ROB). An ROB is a novel metal-air battery, where metal and air are separated by an oxygen ion conducting electrolyte. Depending on the electrolyte, an ROB works at elevated temperatures in the range 500-800°C.

Research Area 1 - Solid anionic electrolytes

In this research area, the main scientific challenge is to further develop already known and to find new solid oxygen ion conductors, which are applicable in an ROB. Experimental investigations and theoretical approaches using density functional theory (DFT) and kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations (KMC) are combined. In addition, this research area includes the investigation of novel concepts, e.g. the usage of an integrated redox mass in an ROB.

Task leader and coordinator: Prof. Dr. Manfred Martin