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Research Area 3 - Polymer electrolytes

There are numerous reasons why polymer concepts are attractive for electrolytes and electrodes in batteries. Hence, research area 3 focuses on novel chemical designs of salt-in-polymer electrolytes with a starting emphasis on the understanding and improvement of lithium and sodium ion conducting electrolytes. New concepts will be developed and validated. These include polysiloxanes which allow a special design with mixed side groups that together fulfill various tasks such as high polarity, prevention of electrochemical degradation at anodes and cathodes, good segmental mobility, low coordination to the lithium cations and also the function of classical additives for a better control of SEI formation and adhesion to active electrode particles. Furthermore, block-copolymers are used with a mixture of ordered and amorphous subdomains, where ordered domains yield to high mechanical stability of the entire network and amorphous domains add good ionic mobility. Single ion electrolytes will represent the second class of polymer electrolytes. This concept uses high molecular weight polyelectrolytes such as polyanions and polycations.

Polymer electrolytes

Task leader and coordinator: Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Wiemhöfer