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Research Area 4 - Liquid electrolytes

The emphasis in research area 4 lies on liquid electrolytes based on either aqueous or non-aqueous salt solutions. Liquid electrolytes are typical examples of multi-component electrolyte systems requiring a holistic research approach, because they usually consist of an optimized solvent mixture with dissolved binary salts and possibly further electrolyte additives. Hence, this research area comprises of tailored design and development of high-yield synthesis of novel electrolyte components and close coupling of chemical design with theoretical calculations and simulations. Also the understanding of structure/property relationships and correlation to electrochemical data and the impact of chemical design on the relevant properties of electrolyte components are of high interest. Therefore, electrochemical analysis and physico-chemical investigation of new electrolyte candidates as well as comparative screening of electrochemical properties of novel electrolyte components are implemented.

Another part of the research consists of investigating and understanding operation and failure mechanisms in a battery cell and the parallel development and modification of existing and novel in situ, ex situ, on-line and in operando techniques for mechanistic electrolyte investigations.

Liquid electrolytes

Task leader coordinator: Prof. Dr. Martin Winter