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The Institute is involved in teaching at universities, in the training of young researchers and operates a range of instruments which are used in national and international collaborations.


Education and Training

We participate in the teaching of courses for physics, biology and biomedical students at RWTH Aachen University, the University of Cologne, the University of Dortmund, and the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences. Our students receive specific training through weekly seminars and our bi-annual schools. We also contribute to the curriculum of the International Helmholtz Research School, ‘BioSoft’.

Instrumentation and Methods

Instrumentation and Methods

We operate onsite facilities for method development, the prototyping and testing of bioelectronic systems, for fabricating and measuring the performance of devices, and testing interactions with biological materials.

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Process Technology Group

Process Technology Group

We maintain micro and nanoelectronics equipment, mostly installed in our cleanroom. We support both internal and external users of the cleanroom and offer services for external clients.

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Offenhäusser

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Susanne Bippus

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