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Complex sensor technology for crop research, breeding and crop management

In the project PhenoCrops an infrastructure is established for a phenotyping chain. This chain consists of 4 phenotyping steps and a corresponding IT infrastructure.

The phenotyping chain covers:

• Phenotyping of individual plants in a high throughput under controlled greenhouse conditions,
• Phenotyping of small populations in a medium throughput in the greenhouse,
• Populationphenotyping of plots under field conditions,
• Phenotyping of many plots and large-scale agricultural populations with flying tools.

Each of these steps requires the development of specific sensors and measurement routines to detect plant traits relating to resource efficiency or yield properties.
A common denominator of these studies is in the non-invasive methods to detect structural and functional properties of plant and population.
An essential objective of the phenotyping chain is to develop an infrastructure that allows the development of key characteristics of individual plants and populations in order to effectively grow high-yielding varieties with improved resource efficiency.

PhenoCrops is part of a project network with the University of Bonn in the framework of

Project duration: 2012/01/01 - 2014/12/31

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