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Institute of Bio- and Geosciences

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IBG-2 cooperates on different scales - regional, national and global

Partnerships and networks

Regional and national

  • Bioeconomy Science Center (BioSC)
  • Exzellence Cluster on Plant Sciences (CEPLAS)
  • Exzellence Cluster Robotics and Phenotyping for Sustainable Plat Production (PhenoRob)
  • Bioeconomy-Network Rhenish Region (BioREVIER)
  • German Plant Phenotyping Network (DPPN)
  • Helmholtz Cross-Cutting Activity Sustainable Bioeconomy
  • Helmholtz-Partnership for Plant Sciences (HP-PS)

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European and global

  • European Plant Phenotyping Network (EPPN2020)
  • European Infrastructure for Multi-Scale Plant Phenotyping And Simulation for Food Security in a Changing Climate (EMPHASIS)
  • International Plant Phenotyping Network (IPPN)

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