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Technology & Process Development

Target phenotypic parameters

IBG-2 develops novel and quantitative technologies and processes to utilise plants as bio-resources for a sustainable bioeconomy.

The technology focus is to develop and implement methods and infrastructures for deep, high-throughput and field phenotyping and combine them with state-of-the-art bioinformatics.

Selected Highlights

Plant cultivation in soil-filled custom-made rhizotron

Simultaneous and non-invasive phenotpying of root and shoot growth and architecture of crop plant species grown in soil-filled rhizoboxes

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Screening of shoot structure and function

The phenotyping system SCREEN House is used for screening of the shoot structure and function of different mono- and dicotyledonous plant species


Designed for routine phenotypic evaluation of Arabidopsis and other rosette plants

The system enables a wide range of diverse experiments and gives the opportunity to discover the genetic control of shoot traits of model plants


A non-invasive, high-throughput phenotyping system

The system allows the acquisition of time series of the developing root systems

Cavity Resonators

Volumetric and non-invasive measurements of plant biomass

Using the cavity resonance physics principle for plant growth analysis


Field plant root phenotyping

Phenotyping platform to measure root traits to support crop production through trait and gene discovery


An autonomous spectroscopy system

Specy is a small and simple spectroscopy system that relies on the Ocean Optics STS spectrometer module and Arduino based open source hardware.



Hyperspectral imaging device for rhizotrons

High resolution mapping of the shoot and root compartment.


Hyperspectral lab system

Hyper lab facilitates facilitates the functional understanding of shoot properties by high resolution imaging spectroscopy.


MiniPlots facility for greenhouse and field

The facility is equipped with an accurate positioning system moving above the plots allowing automatic measurement with various phenotyping sensors.

Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV)

Analysis of fields from the top with unmanned air vehicles

Available are a Zeppelin (Fieldship) and an Octocopter (Fieldcopter) for installation of different sensors.


Combined measurements of structural und functional properties of the canopy

FieldLift offers the unique opportunity to perform combined measurements the canopy based on different imaging and measurement techniques



Novel high performance aircraft

HyPlant is a high-performance airborne imaging spectrometer for vegetation monitoring developed by the Forschungszentrum Jülich in cooperation with SPECIM Spectral Imaging Ltd (Finland).


FieldCop is a high precision 3D-positioning system

For field measurements with custom sensor equipment based on a hydrostatically driven small vehicle.

FLOXboxsoon available

LIFTsoon available

Stereo Camera

Quantification of upper canopy spatial structure

Measuring spatial orientation of individual leaves in a natural canopy using a newly developed 3-D stereo process


Field phenotyping under elevated CO2

Atmospheric CO2 concentrations will continue to rise, underlining the need to develop novel breeding lines that are adapted to future atmospheric CO2 concentrations [CO2].


Photosynthesis Portfoliosoon available


Hyperspectral imaging system

HyScreen is used for ground-based measurements of hyperspectral reflectance and Sun Induced Fluorescence.


Nuclear magnetic resonance and Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Measuring dynamic changes in structural and functional traits of plant and soils.

Tracer Technologies

Non-invasively administering short lived radiotracers to plants

Two groups of instruments are applied for the detection of radiotracers.

Qunatitative Image Processing

Automated imaging and image processing methods for plant phenotyping

Addressing plant growth estimation, seed phenotyping and seeding.

Seed Phenotyping

Handling and phenotyping of individual seeds of very different size

Direct measurements of 3D traits.

Metabolomics IBG-2 metabolomics platform

Transcriptomics/ GenomicsExpertise in plant genome and transcriptome profiling

Bioinformatics InfrastructureSmall cluster for targeted queries

MapManProvision of manually curated data for plant gene family annotation


Photobioreactors of the AlgaeScienceCenter (ASC)

The ASC runs three different concepts of large-scale photobioreactor systems for research and biomass production of microalgae

Lipids Analysis

Analysis of algal and plant glycerolipids and their precursors

Application of three techniques

Ramann Microscopy

Process development

Investigation of composition of individual algal cells by confocal Raman microscope


Modelling of algal growth

Modelling of hydrodynamics, light distribution and growth in algal photo-bioreactors

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