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Doctoral Researchers

Recent PhD projects at IBG-2

The IBG-2 doctoral researchers come from all over the world and are organizing various group activities e.g. trips to other research institutions or universities or an inhouse PhD seminar to present and discuss new results, challenges etc. with the rest of the institute staff.

  Some impressions from PhD trip to Zürich 2017

Name: Archis Pandya
Project title: Harnessing genetic diversity in quinoa for modern breeding by a phenotypic and genetic characterization of growth and seed compositions

Research Group: JPPC
Supervisors: Dr. Fabio Fiorani, Dr. Kathryn Dumschott, Dr. Björn Thiele, Dr. Prof Björn Usadel, Dr. Nathalie Wuyts, Prof. Dr. Michelle Watt.

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Name: Felix Frimpong
Project title: Characterizing the resilience of seed-set and seed filling in cereals exposed to heat and drought

Research Group: JPPC
Supervisors: Carel W. Windt, Dagmar Van Dusschoten, Fabio Fiorani

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Name: Lisa Mau
Project title: The effects of algae fertilizer on wheat root morphology

Research Group: Root Dynamics
Supervisors: Josefine Kant, Christina Kuchendorf, Ladislav Nedbal, Holger Klose, Ute Roessner and Michelle Watt

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Name: Marie Theiß
Project title: In-field wheat phenotyping approach - Using a stereo imaging system for canopy characterization and subsequent modeling of light interception

Research Group: Shoot Dynamics
Supervisors: Mark Müller-Linow, Fabio Fiorani, Uwe Rascher

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Name: Sophie Weber
Project title: Holistic valorization of algal biomass

Research Group: Alternative Biomass
Supervisors: Philipp M. Grande, Holger Klose, Ladislav Nedbal, Shizue Matsubara, Björn Usadel

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Name: Vera Krieger
Project title: Predicting the dynamics of photosynthesis by combining solar-induced fluorescence, canopy reflectance and surface temperature

Research Group: Shoot Dynamics
Supervisors: Uwe Rascher, Laura Junker, Bastian Siegmann, Gregor Huber

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Name: Yannik Müllers
Project title: Investigation of plant strategies to adapt root water uptake in response to heterogeneous soil water distribution and dynamically changing shoot demand

Research group: Enabling technologies
Supervisors: Dagmar van Dusschoten, Johannes Postma, Hendrik Poorter, Ulrich Schurr

Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf

 Large sub group of IBG-2 PhDs (09/2017)