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Interoperability of federated computing and data infrastructures is based on standards. Therefore JSC is driving the definition and implementation of standards and best practices in several organizations.

In the Research Data Alliance (RDA), an organization with the goal "to build the social and technical bridges that enable open sharing of data, cross-border and cross-disciplinary", members of JSC are participating and co-chairing working and interest groups to enable the feedback on results, experiences and lessons learned from the data management and analytics field to the international community. Members of JSC are chairing and contributing to the RDA Big Data Analytics (BDA) interest group that develops community based recommendations on feasible data analytics approaches to address scientific community needs of utilizing large quantities of data.

For the interoperability of multiple federated computing and data infrastructures the participation in standardization organizations such as the Open Grid Forum (OGF) in the field of interoperability of execution management and information systems.

Members of JSC are actively involved to design OGF standards into the XSEDE architecture offering also a stable reference implementation with the UNICORE middleware.