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B2SHARE is a service developed within EUDAT and EUDAT2020 project. It provides researchers a solution for storing and sharing small-scale research data from diverse contexts. The local instance is an offer for everyone in research centre, who wants to share or publish their results with an URL and a PID.

B2SHARE can handle research data in a single file and distributed data across multiple files. The research data and additional metadata are stored in one record. While creating a record the user is able to fill in the (community specific) metadata. Each submitted record and each file within the record is provided with a PID (persistent identifier). A PID is a digital reference to a digital object (i.e. the record) which allow users to find the object with a web browser. The PID can be used in publications to refer to the research data.

Test bed:

Because the PIDs should only attached to useful publications and not to test files we offer a test bed, too. The test bed is available at It has only limited disk space so uploads will be removed regularly. The uploads will not assigned with a PID.



If you want to use B2SHARE you have to login. During the login process B2SHARE will forward you to B2ACCESS, the central EUDAT identity management service, which provides the user management for B2SHARE. You can easily login with your email address and password from research centre Jülich if you select Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH in the list on right site.

Upload data:

If you want to create a new record, you have to select “Create a new record”. Thereafter you fill in the name of the record and choose a community for specific metadata. “Create Draft record” will create a new record with given name and metadata schema. You are forwarded to your draft. Here you are able to upload the research data and fill in the metadata. To publish the draft you must select “Submit draft for publication” and “Save and Publish”.

B2SHARE offers a rest API to create drafts, upload files, fill in metadata and publish the record, too. If you want to use this API, you must create an API token within the profile section in B2SHARE.


The service has two limitation:
The maximum file size is 50 GB and the maximum record size is 200GB.
The number of files within a record is unlimited.


Should you need support with any of the offerings or have questions, please contact the data services support team at