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High-Q Club

Highest Scaling Codes on JUQUEEN

Following up on our JUQUEEN porting and scaling workshop and to promote the idea of exascale capability computing, we have established a showcase for codes that can utilise the entire 28-rack BlueGene/Q system at JSC. We want to encourage other developers to invest in tuning and scaling their codes and show that they are capable of using all 458,752 cores, aiming at more than 1 million concurrent threads on JUQUEEN.
The diverse membership of the High-Q Club shows that it is possible to scale to the complete JUQUEEN using a variety of programming languages and parallelisation models, demonstrating individual approaches to reach that goal. High-Q status marks an important milestone in application development towards future HPC systems that envisage even higher core counts.

Current members


Dr. Dirk Brömmel,