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Data Management

Removable Disks e.g. IBM 3330Copyright: FZ Jülich


Magnetic 9-track Tapes on ReelCopyright: FZ Jülich

1970 - 1995

IBM 3850 Mass Storage SystemCopyright: FZ Jülich


SL8500 CartridgeCopyright: FZ Jülich

as of 1990

JUST1 FastT900 DiskCopyright: FZ Jülich

as of 2002


The central data management is made up of

  • Online Storage

    • for High Performance Computing and Cluster Systems
  • Tape Libraries

    • for Migration of active (online) data at High Performance Computing to less expensive storage media
    • for Backup and Archive of central and decentral data in science and administration
  • Distributed storage

    • in the face to data that belong to projects and/or user communities instead of a user (dCache, iRODS)

Data projects

The notion of a data project was introduced with a major change to the usage model in late 2018. Further information about data projects and how to apply for them can be found here.