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Data Backup and Restore

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Since 1993 JSC offered a centrally administered backup service for systems and workstations connected to JuNet by the program product TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) which was formerly known as ADSM (ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager).

From January 2013, almost 20 years later, the data backup service for user data on PCs, workstations, and file servers at the FZJ campus will be offered by ITS. JSC continues to host the server- and storage-hardware as well as the basic TSM server software for ITS. Data at the HPC-systems, the JSC cluster systems, JSC-server systems, and the JSC workstation group are still backed up by TSM at JSC.

Backup function

After an initial full backup only the changed or new data are copied daily to magnetic tapes in robot systems. By default the four most recent copies of a dataset are kept. This automatic process protects against loss of data due to disk failures, software errors or inadvertent deletion of data.

Data that was accidentally deleted from disk can be restored interactivly by the user (owner) within four weeks without intervention of the administrator of the system.

If confidential or sensitive data has to be backed up the user has to take reponsibility for data encryption (IT Security Rules for Baseline Protection, Rule D4).

Registration, download and install

Users on the HPC systems, the JSC cluster systems, and the JSC workstation group don't need to register and install any client software to use TSM backup functions. Please refer to the system specific documentation about usage information.

All other users have to register for TSM data backup service at

After registration the appropriate TSM client must be downloaded and installed on the system before the TSM functions can be used. Please refer to


For more information about data backup with TSM refer to the vendor documentation:

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Information Centers.