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Division Mathematics and Education

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Dr. Robert Speck

Dr. Robert Speck
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Mathematical Methods and Algorithms

Mathematical modelling, development and improvement of numerical algorithms as well as their application are important ingredients to computer simulations of complex systems and processes. In order to broaden the methodological and algorithmic basis of HPC-based computational science a cross-sectional team carries out research in all these different areas. The R&D activities are performed in close cooperation with researchers of JSC's other groups, especially the SimLabs, as well as academic and industrial partners outside JSC.
Cross-sectional Team "Mathematical Methods and Algorithms"


In cooperation with Aachen University of Applied Sciences a combined education programme with the vocational training “Mathematisch-Technischer Softwareentwickler” (MATSE), the Bachelor’s course and the Master’s course Applied Mathematics and Computer Science is offered. This programme is aimed to support the research activities within the simulation sciences at Forschungszentrum Jülich.
MATSE vocational training and bachelor course Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Master course Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

JSC training activities for students and young scientists are organized and supported by the Math Division.
Schools and Tutorials in Computational Science
Guest Student Programme

Mathematical Software

Selection, evaluation, and provision of mathematical software as well as scientific application software for JSC's supercomputers are important service tasks of the division.
Mathematical and Scientific Application Software