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auostThe Computational and Data Science Seminar is co-organized by the divisions Computational Science and Federated Systems and Data. Staff members and visitors report on recent papers, conferences and workshops, and on-going work.

Time: every two weeks on Tuesdays, 11:00 am

Place: GRS, building 16.15, room 2009

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Talks 2019
DateSpeaker and Title
Jan, 8

Jose A. Fonseca, SL Terrestrial Systems

Towards scalable parallel adaptive simulations with ParFlow

Jan, 22

Junxian Chew, SL Plasma Physics

Plasma breakdown modelling in ITER-scale tokamaks with a parallel tree code

Feb, 5

Rocco Sedona, Division FSD

Machine learning methods for classification of Polar Stratospheric Clouds

Feb, 19

Giorgio Silvi, SL Nuclear and Particle Physics

Towards the P-wave nucleon-pion scattering amplitude in the Delta(1232) channel

Mar, 5

Catrin Meyer, SL Climate Science


Mar, 19

Bing Gong, Division FSD

Deep Learning for ozone prediction in Germany

Apr, 2

Manpreet Jattana, RG Quantum Information Processing

Simulating Extended Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen-Bohm (EPRB) Experiment

Apr, 16

Sandipan Mohanty, SL Biology

Explicit vector programming using SIMD libraries

Apr, 30

Division FSD


May, 14

Paul Baumeister, SL Quantum Materials

How Cubes and Spheres can play together in Computational Science

May, 28

Horacio Guzman, SL Molecular Systems

Mapping multiple time and length scales in heterogeneous molecular simulations with domain decomposition schemes

Jun, 11

Najmeh Kaffashzade, Division FSD

A New Tool for Automated Quality Control of Environmental Time Series in Open Web Service

Jun, 25

Mario Rüttgers, SL Fluids and Solids Engineering


Jul, 9

Daniel Coquelin, SL Terrestrial Systems


summer break
Sep, 3Division FSD
Sep, 17SL Plasma Physics
Oct, 1SL Nuclear and Particle Physics
Oct, 15Division FSD
Oct, 29SL Molecular Systems
Nov, 12RG Quantum Information Processing
Nov, 26Division FSD
Dec, 10SL Biology

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