Civil Safety Research (IAS-7)

The institute section Civil Safety Research covers the scientific fields of pedestrian and fire dynamics. The developed and applied methods are based on experimental and simulation approaches.


Three bottleneck experiments with varying crowdsizes

Crowds in front of bottlenecks at entrances from the perspective of physics and social psychology

In an interdisciplinary study, physical and social psychological effects on crowd dynamics were investigated based on a bottleneck experiment with focus on the dynamics in front of the bottleneck.

Collective Phenomena Teaser

Collective phenomena in crowds — Where pedestrian dynamics need social psychology

Experiments at entrances to concert halls reveal significant influence of the spatial layout of barriers on the density in the crowd. Differentiating between collective phenomena, behavior and action, the role of social norms is analysed.

Fire Dynamics Research Topic HPC

Fire Simulation on HPC

The application of numerical simulation software on high performance computing (HPC) systems comes with great benefits and challenges. We investigate the parallel performance of FDS and develop tools to ease the use of HPC systems.

2018 IHMT

Velocity measurements of a bench scale buoyant plume applying particle image velocimetry

Experimental investigation of the buoyant plume above an electrically heated block of copper.


Pedestrian Experiments

Pedestrian Dynamics – Empiricism

Controlled experiments allow the quantitative description of pedestrian dynamics and enable the analysis of selected parameters under well-defined constant conditions.

Pedestrian Modelling

Pedestrian Dynamics – Modelling

Development of models to describe pedestrian and crowd dynamics.

Fire Dynamics

Fire Dynamics

Our research in the field of fire dynamics covers bench scale experiments, development of new numerical methods and large-scale simulations on HPC systems.

Social Psychology

Pedestrian Dynamics - Social Psychology

Our research group uses experiments, field studies and interviews to study social psychological aspects of pedestrian dynamics and behavior in crowds.