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Advertising division: IAS-1 - Quantum Theory of Materials
Reference number: D089/2017, Condensed Matter Physics, Theoretical Physics, Computational Physics, Spintronics, Materials Physics

Master theses: Skyrmions in anisotropic chiral magnets


Subject area:
Chiral magnetism or more specifically topological magnetic skyrmions in chiral magnets are one of the most exciting current topics in condensed matter physics. Magnetic skyrmions are two-dimensionally localised magnetic excitations that are metastable over macroscopic times and behave like single particles. They are promising for low-power memory and/or logic architectures due to their small size and potential for manipulation using ultra-low current densities. The stability of the skyrmions result from a competition of different magnetic and relativistic exchange interactions such as the Heisenberg and the Dyzaloshinskii-Moriya interaction. Aim of the thesis is to determine these interactions for interesting materials from the basic laws of quantum mechanics using very sophisticated first-principles methods based on density functional theory. So far the community focussed on axisymmetric skyrmions. In this thesis we look at materials with potential for antiskyrmions.

Master Thesis contents:

  • Introduction to spin-lattice models including Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction
  • Introduction to ab-initio methodology to perform interaction parameters for real materials
  • Determining interaction parameters for ultrathin magnetic films
  • Using a multiscale approach, skyrmions or antiskyrmion profiles using calculated parameters

Your Profile:
The candidate should have a

  • a good motivation to enjoy research in an excellent environment
  • it is expected to have a solid background in solid state physics, and to have motivation to dive into computational physics

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  • Excellent guidance and mentoring.
  • Research in a friendly, multitopical and international setting
  • as well as a cooperative work environment in a dynamical institute.
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