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Monitoring the DFG “Open Access Publication Funding” Programme

24 September 2021

The Central Library (ZB) of Forschungszentrum Jülich is monitoring the “Open Access Publication Funding” programme on behalf of the German Research Foundation (DFG). The aim of monitoring the programme is to create transparency regarding the publications being funded and the financial resources available as well as the way they are spent. Furthermore, the goal is to improve the availability of data at the institutions.

Information on monitoring the funding programme, on the data scheme, and the possibility of reusing the data can be found on the following website.
ZB website – Monitoring the DFG “Open Access Publication Funding” Programme

Your contact at ZB:

Irene Barbers
Tel: +49 2461 61-2298

Opens new windowFrom: Auf dem Weg zur Open Access-Transformation: Eine datenbasierte Analyse des DFG-Förderprogramms „Open Access Publizieren“, fig. 3: Relationship between the APC total and the number of articles at the top 15 publishers (log–log plot)
Copyright: CC-BY, Informationspraxis, vol. 6. no. 2/2020,