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Seminar Talks

The Computational and Data Science Seminar is co-organized by the divisions Computational Science and Federated Systems and Data. Staff members and visitors report on recent papers, conferences and workshops, and on-going work.

Time: every two weeks on Tuesdays, 11:00 am

Place: GRS, building 16.15, room 2009

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Talks 2018
DateSpeaker and Title
Jan, 23

Slavko Brdar, SL Terrestrial Systems

McSnow: A Monte-Carlo ice microphysics model

Feb, 6

Andre Giesler, Division FSD

UniProv - Provenance Management for Scientific Workflows

Feb, 20

Miriam Hinzen, SL Quantum Materials

A Rigorous Formulation of the Kerker Preconditioner in a LAPW Basis Set

Mar, 6

Lars Hoffmann, SL Climate Science

A decadal satellite record of gravity wave activity in the lower stratosphere to study polar stratospheric cloud formation

Mar, 20

Jedrzej Rybicki, Division FSD

Application of Event Sourcing in Research Data Management

Apr, 10

Andreas Lintermann, SL Fluids and Solids Engineering

Efficient Parallel Geometry Distribution for the Simulation of Complex Flows

Apr, 24

Zahra Chitgar, SL Plasma Physics

Enhanced betatron radiation from self-injected electron bunches driven by double-pulse laser wakefield acceleration

May, 8

Martin Schultz, Division FSD

From TOAR to TOAR-2: how data science will help improving the global assessment of ozone air pollution

May, 22

Eric Gregory, Bergische Universität Wuppertal (SL Nuclear and Particle Physics)

Optimizing a staggered Lattice QCD kernel for KNL architecture

Jun, 5

Godehard Sutmann, SL Molecular Systems

Analysis of stochastic optimization and implications for materials science

Jun, 19

Tim Kreuzer, Division FSD

Interactive Supercomputing - Jupyter on HPC systems

Jul, 3

Fengping Jin, RG "Quantum Information Processing"

Quantum typicality approach - Application to transport in the one-dimensional XXZ model

summer break
Sep, 4

Olav Zimmermann, SL Biology

Studying peptide aggregation by analysis of large scale all-atom MCMC simulations

Oct, 2

Olaf Stein, SL Climate Science

The MESSy way of integrating atmospheric chemistry into ICON

Oct, 16

Paul Baumeister, SL Quantum Materials

Simulating Materials - The Basics of Electronic Structure Calculations

Oct, 30

Björn Hagemeier, Division FSD

Data Management Services at JSC

Nov, 13

Seong-Ryong Koh, SL Fluids and Solids Engineering

Numerical analysis of the impact of porous media on trailing-edge noise

Dec, 11

Jedrzej Rybicki, Division FSD


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