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Seminar Talks

Talks are held by staff members and occasionally visitors as part of our regular division meeting.

These are typically informal 'snapshots' of ongoing work, or reports on recent conferences and workshops.

Time: Tuesdays, 10:30 am

Place: GRS, building 16.15, room 2009

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Talks 2017
DateSpeaker and Title
Jan, 10

Rene Halver, SL Molecular Systems

Benchmarking Molecular Dynamics with OpenCL on Heterogenous Architectures

Feb, 21

Sebastian Achilles, SL Quantum Materials

Distributed parallel non-equilibrium Green's function approach to inelastic charge transport

Mar, 7

Xue Wu, SL Climate Science

Transport of high-latitude volcanic plume into the tropical tropopause layer - a special case of Sarychev eruption in summer 2009 and the key role of Asian summer monsoon

Apr, 7

Humberto Hijar, Engineering School, La Salle University Mexico

Hydrodynamic Correlations in Nematic Liquid Crystals Simulated with Multi-particle Collision Dynamics

May, 2tbd, SL Nuclear and Particle Physics
May, 16tbd, SL Molecular Systems
May, 30tbd, SL Biology
Jun, 13tbd, SL Quantum Materials
Jun, 27Ting-Jui Hsu, Research Group Quantum Information Processing
Sep, 12Catrin Meyer, SL Climate Science
Sep, 26tbd, SL Fluids and Solids Engineering
Oct, 10tbd, SL Terrestrial Systems
Oct, 24tbd, SL Plasma Physics
Nov, 7tbd, SL Nuclear and Particle Physics
Nov, 21tbd, SL Molecular Systems
Dec, 5tbd, SL Biology
Dec, 19tbd, Research Group Quantum Information Processing

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