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Newsletter "JSC News"

"JSC News" ist der monatliche Newsletter des Jülich Supercomputing Centre. Er enthält Ankündigungen zu neuer Hardware, Software, Forschungsthemen, Projekten und Veranstaltungen im Jülich Supercomputing Centre. Der Newsletter erscheint seit Dezember 2007 auf Englisch. Gedruckte Versionen können auf Wunsch zugeschickt werden.


JSC News 2014
 JSC News No. 224, July 2014 (PDF, 47 kB) Excellence Prize 2014 Awarded to Armel Ulrich Kemloh Wagoum
CECAM Tutorial: Atomistic Monte Carlo Simulations of Bio-molecular Systems
Calls for Computing Time Applications
JSC Participates in the DFG Programme "Tailored Disorder"
Workshop Force Fields 2014
 JSC News No. 223, June 2014 (PDF, 47 kB) JUROPA - Successor System
Low Friction Using Immiscible Polymer Brush Systems
New Deputy Chairman for NIC Scientific Council
NIC Excellence Project 2014
Parallel-in-Time Workshop Held at JSC
New Projects from JARA-HPC Seed Funds Granted
JSC Expert Joins ISC Organization Team
 JSC News No. 222, May 2014 (PDF, 46 kB) Human Brain Project - PCP: Call for Tender
JSC at ISC'14
Successful Technology Transfer with Siemens
Computer Simulation Explains Iridescent Colours of a Bird-of-Paradise
New GCS Large-Scale Projects
"Bernstein Network - Simulation Lab Neuroscience" HPC Workshop
 JSC News No. 221, April 2014 (PDF, 46 kB) Guest Student Programme 2014
News from PRACE Implementation Projects
Forschungszentrum Jülich Joins the OpenPOWER Foundation
Looking Back at Lattice Practices 2014
Young Scientist Award for Anna Westhoff
 JSC News No. 220, April 2014, Special issue Civil Security and Traffic (PDF, 64 kB) JSC News Special Issue: Civil Security and Traffic
Pedestrian and Traffic Modelling
Laboratory Experiments
Traffic Simulation
Fire Safety Research
Scientific Community and Outreach
Further Information and Contact
 JSC News No. 219, March 2014 (PDF, 47 kB) Wei-Min Wang Awarded Humboldt Fellowship to Visit JSC
Smart Data Innovation Lab Launched
New Professor at JSC: Kalman Szabo
Square Kilometre Array: Workshop at JSC to Design the Science Data Processor
Looking Back at BrainScaleS CodeJam 2014
3rd Workshop on Parallel-in-Time Integration